Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

When it comes to popularity, Top Freezer Refrigerators have dominated all refrigerator
models in the market today. Usually, they come in cheaper prices and different features
and sizes.

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Those who live in apartments can take much advantage of these models. They can also
cater to your need for additional space. A lot of these units are featured with standard
ice-makers, gallon-jug, and spill-shelves at prices below $800.

We present to you here some brands of top freezer refrigerators. If it is within your
budget, you can purchase a new refrigerator to replace your existing old-
model fridge. You don’t have to be worried, as many of these models come in affordable
prices. Compared to your outdated model, top freezer refrigerators boast better energy

When you shop for a new refrigerator model, just keep in mind that the standard
refrigerator capacity of ten-cubic-feet space is already good for a couple of people. Our

Refrigerator Buying Guide will provide you more information that you will need in your
shopping decision. Since plethora of side by side refrigerators available. buying the
top side by side refrigerators is a frustrating task.

Top Freezer Refrigerator Popular Brands

1. Samsung Refrigerators – This brand provides a space that can be customized,
offering you an ultimate freshness. Samsung is currently working on making refrigerators that
would be the smartest choice of many customers.

2. General Electric Refrigerators – In terms of appliance reliability, this brand has
been one of the most popular in the market nowadays. GE offers a lot of models
from which you can choose from. Their models come in prices that range from
$500 to $3,000.

3.  LG Refrigerators – This brand provides high-grade refrigerators that consider
performance and style. Their refrigerators come with stainless steel design,
attractive doors and flexible interior features. Top freezer refrigerators of this
brand have been in the market for some time now.

Other Considerations

If your pocket is not robust enough to purchase expensive refrigerators, you can also try
checking models for Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Usually, these models are offered in
prices that are likely similar to top freezer refrigerators. You will surely enjoy and benefit
from their efficiency.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

When it comes to styles in refrigerators, Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are definitely
very popular among consumers. They are available in different models according to
brands. Some of the leading brands that offer this type of refrigerators include LG,
Samsung and GE.

One of the most prominent features of Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators is the eye-level
positioning of their Refrigerator Compartment. Obviously, this provides you convenience
in accessing any food that you stored inside, without requiring you to bend over. They
are designed to allow you to place any items you used frequently at a certain level
that’s really comfortable for you. In a more practical sense, this design decreases the
tendency of your refrigerated items to get spoiled, as you are inclined to utilize your
items when they are visible to you every time you open the fridge.

Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators Are Vegetarians’ Best Friends

Since vegetarians are expected to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, there’s no other
perfect refrigerator for them than freezer on bottom refrigerators. At eye level, they can
stock in their veggies instead of storing them in a drawer at the bottom of the fridge.

What’s likely to happen with your vegetables when stocked in a place that you can’t see
directl is that you tend to forget that you put them there. So, you got them rotten instead
of fresh. With Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators, this problem is not an issue, as you can
always access your stored items easily.

Moreover, the freezer portions of these refrigerators usually come in pull out drawers,
making it easier for you to organize your stuff inside. However, there are also models
that come with swing out door for the freezer. In this case, the choice is yours. Decide
which style you find more beneficial to you.

• Note: There are a lot of models with swing out door with hinges that are
reversible, so check which door can work for you.

Efficiency and Capacity of Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators

Compared to Top Freezer Refrigerators, Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are lesser in
capacity. This is because of the space that the pull out drawer occupies.

Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are also available in higher prices than the top freezer
models and less efficient too. This is due to the fact that you tend to open the whole of
your freezer as you access the drawer. However, these models provide you a capacity
that is wider than what Side by Side Refrigerators can.

Meanwhile, a standard model of a Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator is comparably
cheaper than French Door Refrigerators. These refrigerators are featured with
replacement water filter cartridges and built in ice and water dispensers similar to the
features of side by sides.