Getting Ready for Driving a Motorcycle


Motorcyclists who want to drive a bike of any size must first have training and be 24 years old. Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) is the course that must be completed for a person to legally operate both medium and large bikes. Otherwise one would have to prove themselves on a smaller bike, and then after 2 years, can be approved for the larger bike.

Training is about 4 days. There are 2 Modules. This will be the training in the practice of riding a motorcycle. The first test will be an off-road evaluation. The instructor will take note of your strengths and weaknesses, and decide if your abilities allow you to go forward to the second part of the test. Module 2 will give the opportunity to get accustomed to the motorcycle that will be applied during the road test.
Before any of this can take place you will need to show proof that you have completed your compulsory basic training. This may be referred to as the CBT.

London Motorcycle Training has a unique and practical approach to DAS. They can be found at very convenient locations. A student can pay as they go, meaning you pay in increments as you progress. Budgeting can be arranged to fit your needs.

After the training is finished and you have passed all the required test you can take to the road with others. You will be meeting people of all ages. Enjoy the comradery of others with similar backgrounds while you make new friends with those of very different backgrounds.

You may not be ready for the Grand Prix, but you will enjoy the experience of riding your motorcycle from the beaches to the mountains, from the village to the cities. There are many motorcycle clubs to join also. They plan trips for all to enjoy.

If all of this sounds good to you, take your first step into an exciting and new experience. It all starts with Das training