The Best CBT Course In London

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We have one of the most respected motorcycle training facilities in the greater London area, along with the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We offer DAS training for your A2 licence and a CBT course London riders will enjoy taking and which utilizes the most current information. Riding a motorcycle offers a means of transportation that is affordable as well as fun and you can join the millions of motorcyclists on Britain’s roads by signing up today for one of our courses.

Getting Your A2 Licence

If you are 19 or older, contact us to help you to get your A2 licence or your unrestricted licence. You will need to have taken the mandatory basic training course, and must have either a European Union driving licence or a British licence, full or restricted. If you have an A1 licence and are using the progressive system you don’t need to take the basic training course. Having the required bike riding skills are essential for any rider, and the basic training course will teach you these so you can be a confident and safe rider – off road riding, on road riding, understanding and using jargon correctly, safely using controls and maintaining good eyesight.

You will need to take a theory test after you have finished the CBT course and have mastered the elements listed above. Expect to be tested on motorcycle handling, being aware of dangers on the road, traffic signs, bike loading, types of vehicles and the basic rules of the road during the theory part of the test. The format consists of a series of possible scenarios that you might be involved in when riding your bike.

You may be thinking that you have never actually ridden a motorcycle and aren’t quite sure where to start. If that sounds like you, you can be assured that we have some of the most patient instructors in the industry. Call us to book your course if you would like to become a skilled, competent and safe motorcycle rider.