How to look after your electric car?

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Thanks to technology, the electric car industry is expanding fast and becoming even more popular. The technology has Introduced enhanced battery mechanization, lower maintenance costs and even cheaper to run than the hybrid cars which operate on gasoline. With these trendy, eco-friendly motor cars becoming increasingly useful, one of the most common concerns amongst electric vehicle owners and drivers is how to conserve them for a longer period of time.

Using a plug-in or electric automobile is very practical and fun. They can reduce emissions and even save you from spending much on maintenance services. In fact, as time goes on, the electric cars will be less expensive than the regular cars probably because they are cheaper to maintain.

But, how do we look after our electric vehicles? In this article, we are going to look at those basic tips on how to maintain an electric car.

Few tips on how to maintain your electric car:

The basic steps you take in maintaining an electric car is also applicable to a standard or fuel powered car. However, the electric cars require some certain key changes when it comes to quality maintenance. Below are the basic tips on how to look after your electric cars, effectively;

  • Take care of your tyres –

All electric cars can be weighty due to their batteries and they can also deliver an instant twisting force which can cause some damages to your tyres. Always make sure to avoid pushing hard into a turn or applying much force on the vehicle’s accelerator. Try and be more cautious when driving in order to avoid anything that may affect the lifespan of your tyres.

  • Look after your battery –

There are so many things you can do to maintain your electric car battery. For example, don’t ever try overcharging your electric car or fully charging it. It is advisable to stop at 80% whenever you are charging your EV because this helps to increase the lifespan of your battery. Another advantage of this is that it gives room for regenerative braking. By regenerative braking, this means that an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into a form can be used immediately or stored when needed. You also need to make sure you choose the correct EV charging cable for your electic car, you can read a Buyer’s Guide to EV Charging Cables here.

  • Check the fluids –

An electric car has fewer fluids than the fuel powered cars. Besides the coolant, you will find two other fluids present in your electric car and that is the brake fluid and the windshield washer fluid. Although an electric car has a much shorter list of fluids than the regular cars that are powered by a fuel engine, you will still have to perform a regular check on the brake fluids and windshield fluids of your electric car.

  • Mind the motor –

Unlike a regular car, an electric car requires less maintenance. These electric cars have fewer parts than the fuel powered cars, and you won’t have to worry about stressful things such as changing the oil, replacing spark plugs and changing the fuel filters.

  • Coolant system –

Both an electric and a regular car has a thermal management system. An electric car with a cooling system will need their coolant levels topped up on a regular basis. The cooling system in an electric car helps to cool down the car’s engine to an ideal temperature, so if the cooling system of your electric car is damaged or malfunctioning then driving won’t be enjoyable.

  • Watch your brakes –

An electric car uses regenerative braking while the regular cars are designed with a friction braking system. The braking system of an electric car is quite different from that of a fuel powered car. Whenever you hit the brakes of an electric car, there is an energy recovery system which recaptures the car’s kinetic energy and converts this into electricity that can be used to power the car anytime. The regenerative brakes are gentler on your brake pads than that of a traditional friction brake. However, it is still necessary to service your eclectic car brakes from time to time.

Servicing your electric car is very important and it keeps your car in good shape. Like all cars, your electric car needs to be properly maintained in order to prolong the engine’s longevity and ultimately your car’s overall lifespan. However, servicing an electric car is cheaper than that of a regular car because they have fewer parts and are simple to use.

Now the question is, how often should I get my electric car serviced?

An electric car should be serviced on a regular basis, the same way a regular car is being maintained. Whenever you are servicing your electric car, then have it in mind that you won’t spend much on the maintenance services because of the fewer parts your electric car possess. An electric car should always be serviced at the same intervals with a fuel powered car.

Where should I get my electric car serviced?

You can get your electric car serviced at a local garage or better still, an automobile repair shop. However, not all mechanics are fully trained and have those basic skills of fixing or providing quality maintenance services for an electric car. It would be better going to the nearest dealer shop to have your electric car serviced. Having your electric car properly serviced by professionals is the best and you won’t have to worry about any future maintenance service.

What are those benefits I gain after servicing my electric car?

As a electric car owner, be it an Type 1 Electric Car or a Type 2 Electric Car you need to properly maintain your car for quality usage. Servicing your car is quite expensive, but it is worth it and you will enjoy the aftermath. You will gain cheaper maintenance services and your electric car will run perfectly.

In conclusion, you need to take good care of your electric car in order to improve and extend the overall lifespan of the vehicle. The only best ways to maintain your electric car is by checking the tyres and ensuring that your battery is in good condition.