Amazing Ferrari Facts That You Don’t Know

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Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 out of a race division and built its first car in the year 1940. Ferrari is popularly referred to as an Italian luxury sports car manufacturing hub which is based in Maranello.

Although the company’s inception took place in 1940, the company gained recognition as an auto manufacturer in the year 1947. The 1940 AAC 815 is the first racing car which was designed by Enzo Ferrari.

Sadly, this model was not badged as a Ferrari model. Instead, it was in the year 1947 when the first Ferrari badged car was completed.

In May 2012, the 1962 250 GTO emerged as the most expensive car in history. In 2014, the company was voted as the world’s most powerful brand.

Ever since its inception, Ferrari has been a part of motorsports. The company has been competing in a series of categories such as sports car racing and Formula One. Ferrari has an exclusive sporting division and also supplies engines and cars to other teams in the race series.

One of the renowned and crucial editions of Ferrari- Scuderia Ferrari, has been a part of numerous classes of motorsports. However, currently it is officially involved in Formula One.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that it is the only team to be in the F1 World Championship ever since its birth in 1950.

Apart from this, there are some more fun facts which you may or may not be aware about Ferrari. Some of them are discussed here.


The very popular Ferrari logo became a part of the Ferrari family in 1932- a yellow background with a black prancing horse on it. The story behind their logo is quite interesting. It originally was the personal emblem of Count Francesco Baracca and was painted on his fighter plane as well.

During World War I, F. Baracca was the best Italian fighter and was called as an Italian National hero for Italy’s first aerial victor and scoring 34 aerial victories. After his demise, his mother gave the emblem to Enzo.

Enzo appreciated the gesture and accepted the gift. He changed the white background to yellow in recognition of his small homeland. Although, with time everything evolves but this logo stayed unchanged.


Ferrari was the first ever F1 team to achieve hundred victories in the Grand Prix. During the French Grand Prix in 1990, Alain Prost was successful to bring the trophy.

Two years later, Scuderia Ferrari gave us yet another reason to celebrate. The Grand Prix of Belgium marked the five hundredth win for the Ferrari F1 team.

Well, if you are strong supporter of the team and intend to know more about their experiences then you need to actually be a part of their journey. You can also find out more about pit stop challenges by being a part of the challenge. There are various companies which organise motorsports events which are ‘almost’ exactly the same as the real races. 


The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1995 by producing a limited series edition named the Ferrari F50. The Italian manufacturer built 349 models- a limited number of cars.

The unique feature of this supercar was that it could accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in a span of 3.7 seconds. Besides, the car has the potential to reach a top speed of 323 km/h.


The Italian company is an excellent example of good brand recognition. The brand is extremely appealing and it has the potential to beat Hollywood and Disney when it comes to popularity.

You can see its resemblance by visiting the World Of Ferrari a popular theme park which combines attributes of the Ferrari World and Disney World Park. This park is built in Abu Dhabi- the capital of the United Arab Emirates in 2010.


Most customers even today prefer purchasing a red colour Ferrari model. Red colour has a significant association with Ferrari. This is mainly because the Ferrari racing team preferred red sports cars for its races.


Ferrari is quite well known for producing limited edition series which are specifically designed and constructed for high performance and speed.  This exceptional combination of quality and uniqueness has gained popularity and high sales in sports cars irrespective of the high selling costs. 

The successful automakers are highly capable to implement and execute this approach.