5 Cheap Modifications That Will Improve The Way You Drive

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There are a lot of differences between a car that barely drives and the one which is the star of the track. Of course, a car that’s hardly used needs less maintenance than the car you drive on a daily basis. As it is your companion on the road, it’s good to spend a bit on it to make your drive a pleasant experience.

Given below are 5 most cheapest ways that will help you completely transform the way you drive.

1.  Daily maintenance

Maintaining your car on a daily basis is one of the most effective and easy methods to keep it running and make it look like its former showroom self. Here maintenance includes changing the spark plug, doing fluid flushes, using quality gasoline, checking the fuel filter, changing belts and taking your car out daily.

These changes will not only ensure the long life of your car, but also make your drive something that you haven’t discovered yet. Remember, this maintenance schedule should be followed closely.

2. Reduce or distribute weight

If you have driven a car like BMW, you must be aware of its feature like weight distribution. This feature evenly distributes the weight of the vehicle so that the car feels light weighted and speeds up more than usual. A car that has an equal weight over the rear and front wheels can drive better in comparison to the one which does not have weight balance between front and rear.

The below-given tips will help you make your car lighter and accelerate its performance:

  1. Shift the battery from the engine to the trunk
  2. Take out all the spare tire, tools and jack
  3. If not used, remove the rear seats too
  4. Take away floor mats or carpet
  5. Take away the unnecessary sound deadening
  6. Remove heavy speakers and audio system or replace them with a lighter one

You will know the importance of these changes, once you drive after making the necessary changes.

3. Boost controller

If your car has a turbocharger, you must be aware of the trapped  air in the cylinders or mashing of the accelerator which seems like someone is kicking the car in its cerebellum.  But, you can make this whole thing a whole lot easier by fixing a little valve between the wastegate (that prevents a lot of boosts) and the turbo compressor (that is the reason for the boost).

However, this mod does not necessarily suit every car’s pattern. Because most of the cars today’s are controlled electronically and you can simply override them with a software hack.

Old cars contain a homemade valve that you can replace with an electronic boost controller.

 4. Adjust the throttle

Throttle response is the one that tells whether it is fun to drive a car or not. It means it tells how fast the engine responds to the accelerator. Older cars are associated with a throttle cable which itself has a coupling between the throttle pedal and body of the engine. 

With the passage of time and increasing number of drives, the throttle of a car gets damaged and therefore needs to be adjusted. But the best thing is you can fit it within five minutes with the help of two wrenches only.

Newer cars have a drive-by-wire throttle and its functions are controlled using an electric motor.

If you have your throttle adjusted properly, you will feel the difference very evidently while driving as well as in acceleration response.

5. Front strut tower

If your strut tower bar is weak, worn or rusted, it will not only make your car look poor but also make the metal form tears and split after use. A strut tower bar is the one that connects the strut tower of the car to stop them from flexing together.  Nice looking strut bars along with glossy car wrapping not only improve the confidence of the driver to take off the ramp but also make your car look brand new.

Hundreds of car wrapping designs are available in the market. You can learn more about car wrapping by checking a few websites or by visiting shops nearby to see the variety of designs that are available.

We bet, once you drive after making these changes you will feel like driving a car that has just come out of the showroom.