Top FAQs One Should Be Aware of Before Taking Driver Theory Test

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Theory test is very important part of one’s life. If you want to drive your favorite car or if want to become a professional driver then driving theory test is really important. It is quite easy to qualify in the test if you know proper maintenance tips about your vehicle. You should have good knowledge of the traffic rules and signs so that you can answer the questions correctly. There are basically two types of questions that you will answer, one part is the multiple-choice questions and other is the video part in which you have to point out the hazardous points.

You must have proper knowledge regarding the driving theory test so that it becomes easy for you to qualify the test. There are different tests for different heavy vehicles. You must read the FAQs so that all of your doubts regarding the test procedure and qualifications are clear. Driving Theory test is only for adults so please note that you have valid eligibility to give the test.

Earlier people had to go to the transport department to book the seat for the theory test. To save themselves from this hassle many people didn’t register for the theory test. To save your time and efforts the best part came that is the online booking for the theory test. Book theory test today so that you are qualified for driving as soon as possible.

FAQs For Theory Test

  • After I Get Disqualified from Driving Can I give Theory Test? –  Don’t worry if you get disqualified from driving. You can choose the option to give Theory test. If you want to drive the heavy vehicles like truck then you must have valid license for two wheelers and cars.
  • Can I View the Available Test Centre – If you want to select your driving test center will you will get the option at the time of booking? When you book the seat, you will see the available test centers and the timings. You can choose one according to your convenience.
  • What Are the Basic Tips While Giving Test?
  • If you don’t remember the answer for any question and you wish to continue it later, then you can do so.
  • If you have completed your test earlier than the time allotted then you can leave the test room.
  • If you are caught cheating then disciplinary action will be taken against you. This test is conducted by official authority so that if the case of cheating occurs there will be proper investigation. If found guilty they will cancel your test for certain period and during that period you cannot give theory test.
  • What to Do After the Test
  • After you finish the test and leave the room, a score card will be handed over that will determine whether you passed or not. Also, if you pass the test you will be given a certificate of passing.
  • If you have passed apply for the driving license to National Driving License Service.

It is advised to know the points mentioned about so that you can achieve your goal of qualifying in the theory test.