The NSG370 Manual Transmission

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The first 6 speed transmission to hit the market was the NSG370 which was first introduced in 2005.

For those who don’t know, NSG which is a short form for the German word “NeuesSchaltgetriebe” which means “new switching transmission” or sometimes written as “new manual shifting transmission.”

This NSG370 serves as a replacement for the NV3550 which is of similar strength, and it also replaces the NV1500 used in Liberty and Wrangler cars. The NSG370 was also mounted in other cars like Mercedes (ML series) and Chrysler (Crossfire).


The NSG370 features a longitudinally-loaded transmission which is top-shifting. It comes packed with 6-speeds which are a direct drive on the 5th gear and hits overdrive on the 6th gear. All gears are fully in sync, and all speeds comprise of helically cut gears.


The NSG370 casing comes with an aluminum case and good ribbing. Its essential front bell housing can be found in Mopar 3.7L V6 and Jeep 4.0L versions. On the other hand, the front retainer consists of an integral throw-out sleeve which is ideal for a typical throw-out bearing.

For Jeep, the output shaft consists of twenty-three splines. The spline count for the input shaft consists of ten splines x 1 -1/8” diameter.

Brief look at the NSG370

Make: Daimler

Case: Aluminum

PTO Port: None

Length: 23.5″ (I6), 24.8″ (V6)

Height: 18″

Weight: 89 lbs.

Mfg. Input Torque Rating: 272 ft. Lbs.

Fluid Capacity: 3.75 pints / 1.9 quarts

Fill / Drain Plug: 14mm Allen / 17mm Allen

Gear Ratios (Jeep): (x-to-1):

Transmission Strength

The NSG370 comes with a solid input capacity of 272 ft. Ibs input torque according to the manufacturers. The output torque varies from 1100-1300 ft. Ibs. This makes it ideal for the NP2410R and NP231 transfer cases. The quality of engineering and the way the gears were built indicate that they would be very strong and would last long.

Although there have been reports of issues with the 2005 version popping out the reverse gear. These reports were loud enough for DCx to admit that they might be requiring an update which will comprise of a reverse gear equipment (#05175903AA). This equipment consists of a slider, a new reverse gear, snap rings, oil seal, synchro ring, and a countershaft seal plug.

Transfer Case Compatibility

The NSG370 transfer case was built similar to the NP241OR, NP24IJ, and NP231 transfer cases. The case consists of the popular Jeep 6-bolt transfer case. While the twenty-three spline output makes it well-matched with the twenty-three spline model of the transfer cases of the models mentioned above.

Engine Compatibility

AMC / Chrysler Jeep

The 370 is factory well-suited to the AMC / Jeep 4.0L I6 engine, when fitted with the perfect bell housing, and also well-suited with the 3.8L V6 when fitted with its corresponding bell housing.