Tekmetric: Managing Your Auto Shop Effectively

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Managing an automotive business requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Dealership and auto shop owners have been using a lot of manpower to address certain issues within the shop, but the creation of Tekmetric – an automotive shop management system – allowed these establishments to run smoothly. Tekmetric was developed in 2015 by Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, who is now serving as the CEO and the executive vice president of the company, respectively. Owners no longer need to worry about how the business will be managed because the computer system takes care of it. Many auto shops and dealership owners in the United States have already downloaded the Tekmetric system, and they are happy with the results, especially when it comes to the convenience it provides.

How Tekmetric Helps Your Automotive Business

Automotive business owners who are installing Tekmetric into their system have noted that the features allowed them to manage their business effectively. After installing the application, all departments of the shop can be accessed in a single portal, making it more effective when handling different concerns. The services, parts, and sales department are benefiting from the system because it simplifies all tasks within the shop. For the services department, customers who are asking for a digital vehicle inspection can run their vehicles into the dealer and allow the system to check their cars for errors. The digital vehicle inspection feature of the system provides an accurate diagnosis, making it easier to repair. The parts department can track the available parts inside the shop, and allow the system to order the missing parts or those which have gone out of stock. The sales department can update their retail prices and promotions with a single click, thanks to the system. The feedback for the system is overwhelmingly positive, with automotive business owners stating that Tekmetric is probably one of the best inventions in recent memory.

Features Included in the System

The system has a lot of features in store for auto shops and dealerships. The system has a built-in calendar which helps the business owners set up an appointment for their clients. It also has a portal to check customer and employee profile. The system can also create reports about the company’s performance, and how much sales were generated for a given date. Digital vehicle inspection can also be performed smoothly, making repairs more effective and accurate.

How Can You Get Tekmetric

Getting Tekmetric is easy – all you have to do is to contact the company providing the system and they will give it to you at no charge. It is a free application, and the creators wanted to help the business owners in managing their business effectively. Aside from the free application, Tekmetric is also releasing periodic updates to innovate their system, and those who have gotten their original system can avail of it free of charge. The company also has a dedicated customer service department that offers help to those who wanted to know how they can use the system and provides answers to customer inquiries.


If you are running an automotive shop or a dealership, getting the Tekmetric system is a great decision to help boost your company’s performances. The system is also credited for the increase in the productivity of the employees working for dealerships and auto shops, as it allowed them to perform their duties more effectively, especially with the service people who are now relying on the system for digital vehicle inspection and repairs. Overall, the Tekmetric system is a must-have application if you have an automotive business, and see how your business will transform with the system installed on your end.