Frequent Car Parts and Their Functions

Auto Parts

In my opinion, a car is the thing a man loves the most. They want the best for their parts either they are auto parts, interior accessories or anything. Catalog Altgrad Auto has made it possible for the piese ford buyers to choose the best parts from their catalog. They’ve mentioned all the parts in such a good way with a brief description and prices mentioned with them.

The article is beneficial for the lady drivers because ladies know how to drive but they are not aware of the common car parts and their function. To tackle with any inconvenience during your drive, the first thing you should know is the basic piese auto and their uses.


Do you know how the car electrics work? The car’s alternator is responsible for this function. The drive belt’s rotating movement is converted into electricity and this process is done by turning the magnet that is placed inside the coil of wire to create a voltage that charge’s the car’s battery.

The car’s battery than turns and work for other electrical components of the car like headlights, stereo, horn, electric windows, and many more.


Many times you hear that the car’s engine is heat up.  This is because your radiator is not working well. The car’s engine can get very hot because of the parts that are running in it, to avoid the heating up of engine radiator is responsible.

The radiator is located just in front of the car and catches the cool and fresh air and that air goes to the radiator fins and there the coolants from the French air ensure that your engine does not heat up. The coolants pump the water towards the engine that keeps the car on a constant temperature.


The car engine is the most important part of the car. It works just like the heart for the car. If your engine is damaged then your car is wasted. The car engine is a big metal box shaped thing that has many components involved and installed in it.

All these components are essential for the proper working and functioning of the car. The engine consists of a cylinder that has further many parts installed in it. Cylinder is the place where combustion takes place, the cylinders converts the gases into heat and then the motion is created and the car starts moving.