Bought a Second-Hand Motorbike? How to Keep it in Good Condition

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You have decided to empty your saving and buy a second-hand motorbike to help you move around with ease. Besides being affordable compared to a new one, your machine requires a detailed maintenance program to help extend its period of service. Breathe easy, since we have got you covered on how to keep your second-hand motorbike in good condition.


Waxing is one of the essential service elements since it helps your second-hand motorbike maintain its sparkle by creating a protective shield against the harmful rays of the sunshine. Besides, waxing helps protect your motorbike against dust. You should first remove the old wax before applying a fresh coat of wax to avoid accumulation of dirt. Use detailing clay or paint cleaner to remove old wax and unwanted debris on your motorbike’s paint. After the wax has dried, rub your motorbike using a microfiber cloth to give it a shiny surface.

Regular Greasing

Your motorbike’s chain should be regularly lubricated to reduce wear and tear to the sprockets and its general performance. The chain should ideally be lubricated after every 300-700 miles. You should also learn how to clean a motorcycle chain. Besides greasing the chain, all the other movable parts and the engine should also be oiled to reduce friction. Lack of oiling increases fuel consumption and deterioration of motorcycle spares.

Engine Oil and Air Filter Change

Engine oil ensures your motorbike’s engine runs smoothly. It is vital always to ensure that your bike’s engine oil levels do not fall beyond the minimum required levels. Be on the lookout for any leakages since these can create carbon deposits which limit your bike’s efficiency in movement.

Learn How to Change Motorcycle Engine Oil

Be able to do it by yourself at home. Additionally, regularly change your motorbike’s air filters to enhance oxygen circulation in the engine. When riding on dusty roads, your bike will require more frequent air filter change compared to when riding on tarmacked roads.

Cleaning Your Motorbike

It is essential that your bike is regularly cleaned to get rid of corrosive foreign materials such as salt which can wear down on its parts and bodywork. However, it is important that you use the right cleaning materials and tools to avoid damage. You should allow your bike to cool before pouring water on it during cleaning to avoid damaging it metal components more so, the engine. After washing, allow your bike to dry before storage to avoid rusting. Additionally, avoid washing your motorbike in direct sunlight to avoid soapy water causing ugly water spots on the body. Heat causes the unwanted spots to become hard to remove.


It is crucial that you always maintain a speed between 35 to 60 kilometres per hour when riding to achieve fuel efficiency and maintain motorcycle spares in good condition. Riding at high speeds not only makes you spend on spare parts but can also risk your life.

Adhering to these tips will make your second-hand motorbike to serve you for long. Most importantly, it is always advisable to have your motorbike serviced at motorcycle service stations to enable early rectification of problems. Late diagnosis is both expensive and can put the lives of the user and other motorists at risk.